Yes! A victim of my addiction to all social platforms, which due to Covid-19 and lockdown has become increasingly worse.  I know 100% I’m not alone, and most of you will be nodding in agreement.  The need to stay in touch with the outside world, for both business and pleasure is becoming the go to norm to get interaction, feedback and recognition.  I’m not saying this is wrong – it’s not a sin.  Absolutely not!  What I’m saying is that it’s possibly taking you away from far more important activities.


We’re currently in week 4 of lockdown, steaming ahead to week 5, and as yet there is no actual date set for this to be lifted.  7th May 2020 is the next review date, so we’re led to believe!

It’s a difficult time as we’re locked away in our homes and missing family and friends.  Have you found yourself putting a post on Facebook or twitter for example and checking in every few minutes so see if anyone has responded? Feeling despondent when there is a lack of engagement, or worst still NO engagement with it?  Are you chatting over Messenger, Whatsapp, zoom, email, slack, or any other channel of chat you care to mention – all the live long day!


It’s natural to lean towards social / communication platforms at any time, not just during the current pandemic.  What you need to think about it how much of a time-vortex have you made every day as you’ve got sucked in to scrolling, reading, interacting and watching tik-tok and other video streaming?

You need to put aside a set amount of time every day to do this and manage it, be strict with yourself. Do not become a victim to it, when social isolation is over, and you’ve done absolutely nothing – nada – zip with the extra time available to you.  Ouch, what a waste.

Do you want to look back in 6 months and reflect on the 8+ weeks of lockdown, and say if only I’d spent time on learning a new language, updating my skill-base with courses, reading those books that gather dust on the shelves! Or even worse, why didn’t I spend more time with my children – doing jigsaws, playing games, baking.  Tragic!

Do you get where I’m coming from?  Social is important – but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.  Now get your pinny on, dig out a book, review your business plan.  Whatever that something else is, make it work for you.  Make time for you to make memories of lockdown. It’s history in the making and you want to have great stories to relay in years to come.