Bespoke sales support packages to suit you and your business

Help to proactively monitor and manage your sales funnel.

Following up on quotations and enquiries and then nurturing potential clients can be difficult to monitor and manage, especially if you are a small growing business with limited time.

It’s important to ensure timely follow up on quotes, to pick up the phone and to build a genuine rapport. People like to feel that their business is important to you – no matter what size the order value is!

That’s where GEM can help. The question you need to ask is, “what is the value to you of a lost order because you didn’t follow up, or left it too late?”​

“The fortune is in the follow up.”​
Jim Rohn

Following up on quotes will win you more work!

Just sending a quote and waiting for the customer to come back to you is fatal. Why?

  • The email may be in their junk box
  • They are probably busy with no time to respond, but a competitor has called them

Follow ups are a simple way to build rapport, and sometimes the simple way to ask for the business! It can be that easy.

What we offer:

  • Follow up on quotations
  • Build relationships with new and existing clients through LinkedIn, telephone calls
  • Handle and process any queries on the quotations sent.
  • Populate your CRM (or a simple spreadsheet) with data you can use to assess what went right, or wrong in your sales process
  • Obtain client reviews, build customer satisfaction and repeat orders

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