We haven’t posted in a long time!  Over a year to be precise.  Ouch!

It was only during a recent meeting with Paul Grogan at Think Design that I realised how long it had been since I put pen to paper for my own business.  I write a lot of content and blogs for my clients, so why not for GEM? Paul designed my website and re-branded GEM earlier this year. He’s good (very good) – he certainly knows his stuff!  So, when he laid down the gauntlet to get writing again, I knew I had to.

It’s not because I’m too busy, or lack thoughts and words to convey business updates for GEM.  It’s simply that it’s on my list of things to do that I never prioritise!  Sound familiar?

I often hear from clients, “I’m not good with the words” and “I clam up the minute I sit down to put my thoughts on paper”!  It can be extremely difficult to write for yourself; write about you the business owner and shout about all the great things that are happening. For some it’s simply bum clenching, stomach churning awkward, and that’s being polite.  Most businesses that I speak to are extremely eloquent about their own business. There’s nothing better or more inspiring than speaking to someone I’m going to write for. Most are passionate about their business and extremely proud, and have no trouble verbalising this to me when I ask the right questions. It’s then down to me to get that in writing.

It is VERY important to keep your website flowing. Changing things as you progress, getting frequent blogs on the site – updates about new products, new clients, or just to post a testimonial!  If you rely on your website to drive sales, then you need to do everything possible to ensure your site is fresh and updated.  Getting content updated doesn’t have to cost the earth – our blog writing starts at £45! When it’s on your website you can utilise the fresh content by social sharing, with a view to driving clients to your website.  A win win situation.

If you’re struggling with the words get in touch.  Don’t let your website become stale and dated. It’s a massive turn off for customers, and in all probability will send then off your site and on to your competitors!

QUOTE – “You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page” #JodiPicoult

Keep writing

Gill Arnott, Director : GEM Business Support Ltd