–       that’s not us being nosey!


As an outsourced agency for admin and business support, life is never dull –


As much as we try to instil a sense of “you need to keep us informed” and, “rush jobs are not the norm”, a lot of our clients live in a world of organised chaos and without thought quite often drop urgent, rush jobs on our laps with limited information and invariably become unavailable by mobile or email!  A nightmare for some ~ a challenge to overcome for us.


Our clients employ us because they’re busy. They rely on us because we get things done.


Running a small business is difficult. When the business takes off things can quite quickly get out of hand. Our motto, “making your business our business” isn’t us being nosey! It just means we take your business as seriously as if it were our own.


We listen, learn and proactively get involved with our clients. Working diligently to ensure that they get the results they are looking for – this could be:


  • More free time
  • Greater productivity
  • Increase in profit
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • A tidy desk and a clear ‘to do list’
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • A support network


If you are looking for something more than a helping hand, get in touch.


Why Do We Do What We Do?


In a nutshell – because we love it…..


  • as crazy busy as it gets
  • as diverse as the jobs we take on
  • as our relationships develop and we become integrated into our client’s businesses and lives


It’s what makes us tick.


Gill, Collette & Lauren

GEM Business Support Ltd

Tel – 0161 413 9390