The best way to grow a business is collaboration. Finding those like-minded businesses that you can work with, to move your business forward in a strategic manner that allows sustainable growth and a healthy future, for both parties.
So, when GEM met Pure Clean in April 2016 at the launch of the Academy, it was the start of a business relationship and friendship that would grow and prosper.
If you aren’t aware of The Academy, it’s a fabulous business initiative set up by Bury Council and the team at Made in Bury. A twelve-month course aimed at helping start-up businesses get all the help and information they need to help develop their business model. The success stories from the Academy are amazing.  Year 2 Academy starts in June 2017, and the new intake have a lot to live up to after the resounding success of Year 1.
Whilst Malcolm and Andrew steadily built up their cleaning business it was with confidence that they could hand over the reins to GEM, to help support their ever-increasing mountain of paperwork, admin, bookkeeping and support with their on-going marketing campaign.
In December 2016 GEM stepped in and took over several day-to-day tasks. Mailshot and marketing campaigns going out on a regular basis, leaving Malcom and Andrew free to work on new clients. In April 2017 it was very clear that Pure Clean needed almost full-time support. So with a little sadness, but lots of joy that Pure Clean were expanding, Gill helped recruit Pure Cleans newest member Charisse Kenworthy.
Charisse is young, energetic and has oodles of drive and ambition. Her role with Pure clean will be to drive the business sales and manage the in-house admin. Within days the social media campaigns are out and shouting loud and clear what Pure Clean has to offer. Networking in and around Bury has already commenced, and Charisse is driven to build the business even further.
What about GEM?  Well we will be keeping in close contact as the team at Pure Clean are renting office space with us as Mossfield House. We will also continue to support their bookkeeping needs, so all isn’t lost.  On a professional front GEM have just signed up a contract with a Devon based business and are excited to start working with Antonia in June.
It’s been a fabulous twelve months for GEM and Pure Clean, and we’re both excited to see what the next twelve months has to offer. Watch this space. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Enjoy the summer
Gill Arnott