An irritable boss, a whining colleague or even those difficult to please clients, can all make a day at work unbearable.  Modern workplaces can be extremely tense, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it doesn’t always bring out the ‘best’ in people. If we are honest we can all say we’ve been the culprit of making a bad day worse!
Not everyone in the workplace is going to become best of friends. Some personalities clash more than others; however nobody should suffer at work. There are always ways to rectify a situation/disagreement and be professional within the workplace.
It’s probably safe to say we’ve all experienced a time when the destructive behaviour of a boss, colleague or client has left us reeling. It is soul destroying and can make a workplace become completely unbearable.
If this resonates with you then don’t completely despair, here are some tips to help. We can’t promise that they will solve work-place issues but we hope they alleviate some instances for you.
Deep Breaths ~ Count to ten. We often find that a difficult situation is made worse by a quick retaliation, however deserved we feel it may have been.
Remember that we are all human ~ It is important to remember that we are all human and we all have our off days.  Whether this is due to a work issue or a personal issue they happen, it’s practically unavoidable.  This may cause someone to be more stressed than usual at work. Asking if someone is ‘OK’ rather than a confrontation about their behaviour is far more disarming.
Be upfront with others ~ Taking someone to one side and talking to them about comments they may have made, or their behaviour towards you, may stop the situation from escalating. The case might be that they weren’t aware of the problem.
Handle aggression assertively ~ If someone is being aggressive or disrespectful towards you, then regardless of their position, you have the right to walk away or politely let them know that you will continue the conversation when that person has had time to calm down. Nobody in the workplace should feel threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe.
Be Mindful ~ If an individual continuously acts in a destructive or badly behaved manner, the root of the problem may lie deeper than a bad day, or personality clash. It is possible a more deep-rooted psychological issue is the cause. If you do have worries in the workplace about a colleague ensure you report these in a delicate and sensitive manner to senior management.
Seek alternative issues as a last resort ~ After trying everything that you possibly can to diffuse the situation then it may be time to bring it to the attention of a senior member of staff or your union rep.
We hope you have a great work-life balance. Time is precious and wherever possible our energies should not be needlessly wasted on a situation that could in many cases be resolved quickly and amicably. Take care.
Very best regards
Gill & Aimee
GEM Business Support Ltd