Do you find that at the end of the day ~ however productive it may have been, your to-do list is back where you started?
Or even worse ~ longer!  You tick one task off and another appears, as if by magic ~ like a bottomless pit. Following these tips could save you a lot of stress:-
Planning is key ~ plan the night before, that way you’re more proactive and ready to start your tasks in the morning, instead of wasting valuable time preparing the dreaded to-do list.
Keep it simple ~ writing yourself a mile long to-do list that is impossible to complete in one working day is setting yourself up for failure. Limit what you put on there. Be precise. Be realistic.
Prioritise ~ pick two tasks that most definitely have to be done that day. By doing the most important tasks first will give you a more positive outlook on your to-do list. Finishing those tasks will relieve some of your daily stress.
Switch off distractions ~ switch off mobile phones and social media; these things are extremely distracting. You really won’t self-combust if you don’t have your mobile on! You can return calls later!
Manage your time ~ estimate how much time you will need on each task and set that aside. Giving yourself a time limit will ensure you don’t get distracted, and keeps you focused on the task at hand.
Get help ~ remember how important it is to delegate. If you truly need help with certain tasks, or some tasks are just not as important as others, then you need to delegate.
At GEM we know the feeling that you’re living with ‘the magic porridge pot’ to-do list. So if you have tried and tested all of the above, why not try outsourcing?
A Virtual PA could be the light at the end of the tunnel. Asking for help when it comes to tasks on your to-do list, however trivial, can free your time up to focus on more important things within your business. Why worry and fret over the little things when you don’t have to?
Best regards
Gill ~ Aimee ~ Chloe