Its official I am FINALLY a fully-fledged member of GEM Business Support. Year one apprenticeship done, new contract signed, wage rise and straight into the next GEM journey.
The last few months have been busy! So here’s a run-down.
  • We’ve finally settled into our new offices (sigh of relief) – another exciting chapter in the life of GEM. Having our own space is awesome, and to be honest it was detrimental to our sanity (especially Gill’s).
  • The office warming was a HUGE success and it was amazing to see everyone out in full support for the whole team (CT and GEM). The Mayor came and there were bagpipes, thanks to CT’s own Darren McGuff.
  • We have gained new friends in the form of Amanda, Nick, Alice & Ginny (Connect 2 Bury & Social Assist). These guys moved in with us on day one, and head up the Bury Hot Desking side of the office.
  • Work is great – fantastically busy at GEM and we LOVE it … I do suffer from a major case of ‘mum guilt’ – working full time means I can’t do the school run, and starting work later means I am not home in time to put her to bed. Catch 22! If any of you working parents know a cure for this, please share!!
  • I love going to Network events and Exhibitions – I attended the Big Bury Expo earlier this year and won the free bin collection from Josh at Busy Bins. I couldn’t recommend Josh enough.  It makes a huge difference to the dreaded 3 weekly bin collection, and I will 100% continue with this after my free year is up. Not only are these events fantastic networking opportunities you can win stuff, always a bonus.
  • I bought my daughter a puppy (Yorkshire Terrier) a few months back for her birthday (his name is Tig – only Sons of Anarchy fans will appreciate his name) … And wow the training process was a nightmare – so last week I called for John Bakewell’s assistance – not to train Tig but to clean up after him and what a fantastic job he did. Scrubbing my carpet with disinfectant was just not cutting it and I was about to knock my house down as the smell was driving me insane (a little dramatic but that was my mind set at the time) … With Johns help, the house is still standing and I couldn’t thank him enough – this also means I can get another puppy and not worry about the training process.
Proud bits … We’ve been short-listed as new start-up business for the MIBBA’s,  FSB Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and the National VA awards!   Go team #GEM.
The above reasons are why I do a hop, skip and a jump to work every day – peace and quiet!!   Of course I love my job too.
Year two is underway. Bring it on.  Oh, and did I mention I dyed my hair the GEM purple! Yeah really 🙂
Aimee-Leigh Pickford