At some point in our life work takes over. As a business owner managing your time is critical – both to the success of your business, and your sanity.
It can be daunting, sitting at your desk with a mountainous pile of paperwork, an ever growing to-do list, and a phone that literally rings off the hook (or more worryingly doesn’t ring).
Life as a new starter, sole trader or as a growing business can be stressful and lonely.
Productivity is all about time management, but when you’re doing it all yourself the rules don’t apply.  We can’t make 24 hours into 36, and we can’t work an 8-day week.
That’s where outsourcing comes in. It’s time to assess the workload, prioritise and then find a PA service that will add value to your business. Someone who will share your business vision, work with you and your deadlines, and more importantly be there to help you pick up the momentum of your business growth.
We work with a lot of clients, all with varying needs and from a variety of business sectors.  We become your flexible go to support – this could be to manage your incoming calls, an hour a week to update CRM systems, or a contracted monthly support to suit your needs and your budget. Each service is tailored to suit you.
Hiring staff is not always the answer, and can in itself cause added stress in handling PAYE, holiday cover, auto-enrolment, and even sickness!

Getting the right PA is essential, not everything or everyone is a fit!

GEM offer consultations to discuss your business and help you work out where you can, and what you want to outsource.  You’d be surprised how many clients we meet who struggle to work this out, and find it difficult to let go of even the most basic admin tasks. It’s completely natural. Your business is your life, your passion – why wouldn’t you be cautious of the hands you were placing it in.
So if you’re working late, working weekends or just struggling to juggle daily tasks, give us a call to discuss how we can make a difference.
Gill Arnott
GEM Business Support Ltd
Tel: 0161 413 9390